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Wireless intrusion prevention system

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A wireless intrusion prevention system WIPS prevents unauthorized network access by monitoring a radio spectrum and looking for unusual network activity.

  • This is in contrast to a data Access Points deployment that is surveyed to provide higher throughput data rates anywhere from 24Mbps to 54Mbps.

  • xxx or laterโ€ข โ€” DoS: RF jamming โ€” DoS: Queensland University of Technology Exploitโ€ข 1x rekey timeout too long 53 DoS: EAPOL-Logoff attack 54 DoS: EAPOL-Start attack 56 DoS: Premature EAP-Success 57 DoS: Premature EAP-Failure 63 Dictionary attack on EAP methods 64 Man in the middle attack 68 Device unprotected by TKIP 72 Device unprotected by PEAP 87 Suspicious after hours traffic detected 94 PSPF violated detected 95 DoS: CTS flood 96 802.

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wIPS Communication Protocols To provide communication between each system component, a number of protocols are utilized:โ€ข These settings are set from the factory.

  • 1x authentication 119 Netstumbler detected 120 Wellenreiter detected 121 DoS: FATA-Jack tool 125 Device unprotected by 802.

  • Brand Features and Publicity 6.

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