Opart5 - Health Behavior and Health Education

Opart5 cross

Opart5 Lincoln Square

Opart5 OpArt Exhibition

Opart5 Easy Ways


Opart5 Op art

Ravelry: OpArt pattern by Melissa Dominguez

Opart5 TOEIC Practice

Op art

Opart5 OpArt Exhibition

Opart5 Gunsmith

Former Opart Thai Chef Taking Over Lincoln Square Restaurant

Opart5 OpArt

Opart5 Former Opart

Op art

to build your Op Art design.

  • Sophie was part of an art movement that celebrated abstraction and created works that were equal parts optimistic and powerful in a variety of media.

  • Kinetic art - art which depends on movement for its effects - has its origins in the Dada and Constructivist movements that emerged in the 1910s, but it flourished into a lively international avant-garde in the mid-1950s.

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